Bought below asking price

We had been looking for a country place for about a year - with no luck - until Peter came on board. With his help and tools, we were able to locate the perfect country cottage and got the deal wrapped up and signed in record time and at - and this is important - under asking price during the hottest real estate market in recent history.
Thank you for taking this journey with us and for making it a seamless and easy process, Peter. Your expertise and speedy response to all our questions is greatly appreciated.

Lori & Stan

thank you -

For us, the process of finding a place entailed patience and certainty and Peter was really helpful in every sense. When we needed time, he would give us space, and when we finally knew where we wanted to live, he was on the phone / email / in person at any request at any time and through his help and expertise, we are currently in a home we are very happy with. Thank you Peter.

Real Estate Doula

Peter is so much more than a real estate agent. He understands that buying a property is one of life's biggest decisions and is there to guide and support every step of the way. Peter helped us buy our first property, and now we're happy to work with him again to buy another. Not only has he helped us navigate the real estate market, but he truly listens to our needs and makes sure we make the best decision for us. We call him our real estate doula because he not only helps with the technical aspects of buying property but is also there for the emotional highs and lows that goes along with it (and there have been many!). Even though we know he has many clients, he is always on the ball, answering us quickly and making us feel like we're the most important clients he has. We can't think of a better broker to recommend. Peter is truly the best.

Lise and Olivier

He helped us find our dream home!

Peter was amazing from the day we met him at another open house. His friendly personality drew us in, but it was his patience and knowledge that really helped us with finding out forever home. He was with us shopping ALL over off and on island for about a year and we never felt pressured to " just settle" both my husband and I wanted something unique and charming and he knew right away if a place was an option or not for us. He helped us navigate some tricky situations with the buying process and was a huge help with his knowledge or ability to help us find the answers we needed. I'm never moving again, but I would recommend Peter to anyone who is even thinking about looking for a home. He often brings his guitar and plays while he waiting so its a fun atmosphere to walk up too. Thank you Peter for everything!

We are so grateful!

My partner and I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with Peter. As incredibly picky first time home buyers, we dragged him across the island and back multiple times trying to find the right spot. His positive attitude and patience toward us always made us feel comfortable and sure that we would find a great home in our price range. When we did find our dream property, we were met with particularly difficult roadblocks and unique circumstances but Peter didn’t bat an eye. He helped us navigate private financing, board approval meetings, and other tricky technicalities that ultimately led to us moving into our dream apartment. We’re so grateful for Peter and would recommend him to anyone!

Hard-working and persistent!

Peter is an incredibly hard-working and persistent agent. He led us on visits to quite a few apartments... when we were finally able to purchase the one we wanted, it was thanks to all of this hard work together with Peter's strategic advice about the timing of the offer.

Au départ...

Au départ, ma copine et moi ne pensions pas avoir besoin d’un courtier pour ce trouver une nouvelle demeure. Cependant, plus l’on progressait dans nos recherches, plus l’on se sentait dépassé par la rapidité du marché et par les difficultés rencontrées suite au contact initial avec le vendeur.

Nous avons rencontré P. Bowering par hasard lors d’une porte ouverte. Nous nous sommes immédiatement sentis à l’aise et en confiance par le professionnalisme et l’entregent démontré par M. Bowering. Il a su bien nous conseiller et nous guider vers l'achat de notre condo.

Être accompagné par P. Bowering fut définitivement un atout important lors de nos recherches. Avec l'engoument pour le marché immobilier à Montréal, je suggèrerais fortement à n'importe quel futur acheteur de maximiser ses chances de réussite et de choisir P. Bowering comme courtier immobilier.


Peter helped me to rent my condo within one month. He is very professional and dedicated in serving the customers whether you are a seller or buyer, owner or tenant.
I’m very happy with his service and highly recommend him as your real estate broker!


Peter understood what were looking for, was respectful of our budget, was knowledgeable about the neighborhood we were looking in (NDG) and hustled when required! As first-time buyers, he was patient and explained the process thoroughly. We are very happy with our new home and we feel lucky that Peter was our advocate along the way.


The broker with the hat was essential to my success in the fast paced real estate world. He is consistently on the ball and at a pace that puts you ahead of the game. After months of struggling, we finally found a place that was worth bidding highly on but I was out of town. The timing didn't seem right, but with a stroke of luck and a fifteen minute warning, we were on site at a property, agreed to make an offer and had it submitted less than an hour later. Peters diligence and love of the game rubs off on you as he always keeps a positive attitude even when things aren't going your way. I highly recommend Peter even without a hat.


Very dedicated and always available. Great broker!

Merci Peter!

Commencer par te recevoir chez nous, posant les bonnes questions, nous challengeant sur nos croyances et nos attentes nous a fait gagner un temps précieux...
Ensuite, le suivi, le sérieux, les multiples visites aux horaires adaptées à nos besoins nous ont permis de trouver la maison dans laquelle notre famille s'agrandit maintenant!
Je recommande définitivement l'agent au chapeau!

Best ever!

Best ever!

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