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For all the normal people who were not awake at 6:40 AM on Thursday, April 16, 2020, here is a link to my interview on CBC Daybreak about virtual Real Estate sales:


Going old school radio broadcast, talking about latest virtual technology.

Broker with the Hat Video. Episode 05: Covid-19. An update on the real estate industry during this unprecedented time of the worldwide pandemic, and my thoughts on what it means for you and your plans for real estate.

Broker with the Hat Video. Episode 04: A Real Estate What? A funny story about some clients' comments that illustrate how I do business. 

Broker with the Hat Video. Episode 03: ACCEPTED OFFER: Now what? We have managed to make a deal on the price. Now what? What is next:

Broker with the Hat Video. Episode 02: The Process of Buying a Property. How do people start? When is the time to start? How do you get prepared to buy? 

Broker with the Hat Video. Welcome to 2020 and Why make a Podcast? An introduction to the the video series, a little bit about myself and how I do business, and some topics that we will cover in upcoming episodes.


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